A night in the New Forest

Recently realised that I never got round to posting this, so here's a brief summary of a night mothing in the New Forest way back in August!

On Saturday 13 August myself and a couple of friends met up in the New Forest for a night of moth trapping. After arriving early afternoon, we went for a walk around Acres Down and the surrounding area which was rather uneventful with no interesting raptors or dragonflies seen, however jumping across a very spongy bog proved productive with good numbers of Crambus silvella, one Sundew Plume and a few Keeled Skimmer and a Spotted Flycatcher was the only thing of mild avian interest.

As dusk drew in most of us moved to a different area of the forest to meet Tony and dip Dark Crimson Underwing, however getting 10 Black Arches to pose on a stick was a personal achievement. The best moth caught here was a Devon Carpet which we were quite excited about only to discover that the rest of the group had caught one back at Acres Down. Once we got back from our jolly outing we wandered around Acres Down until 2am trying to locate the others and finding a Bordered Grey on the way.

Bordered Grey

In the morning we processed the traps which produced some good moths including some micros which were moth 'lifers' for me. A small selection of some of the species caught included (the ones which I have photos of, using English names for convenience where possible), in a random order, August Thorn, September Thorn, Purple Thorn, Caloptilia populetorum, Catoptria pinella, Chevron, Rush Veneer, Argyresthia goedartella, Agriphila selasella, Honeysuckle Moth, Aplota palpella, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Four-spotted Footman (a very nuce individual which I was excited to see), Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Birch Mocha, Apple Leaf Miner, Chequered Fruit Tree Tortrix, Pinion-streaked Snout, Tawny-angled Peacock, Morophaga choragella, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Scoparia ambigualis, Scalloped Hook-tip, Knot Grass, Buff Footman. Hopefully I'll get round to sorting out and adding the photos when I'm less busy.

Really decent weekend with some nice moths and friends! Hopefully we can have a similar meet-up in 2017!

Happy mothing,